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Oops! Stealth Woodworking


Stealth Woodworking

By Robert J. Collins

While browsing through woodworking magazines at a local bookstore, I spotted plans for a project that really excited me. Since I didn’t want to purchase the whole magazine for only one set of plans, I secretly made sketches.

Back in my shop, I started building, but I soon got stuck. My hastily drawn sketches didn’t make sense. So I made a return trip to the store and furtively drafted a new set of sketches. Back on the project, however, I got stumped again. And again!

On my fourth trip to the bookstore, having wasted a couple weekends and several pieces of lumber, I couldn’t find the magazine. It had been replaced on the rack by a new issue. Argh! I had to back-order the old issue (and wait for it) before I could finish my project. It ended up costing more than buying the issue in the first place!