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Oops! Sure Shot


Sure Shot

By Keith Bachman

When I found out my wife was pregnant with our first child, I decided to make a cradle. Nine months seemed like plenty of time, but naturally, I finished building the cradle with only a week to spare. I decided to apply the oil finish outside, thinking it would speed up the drying time, so I could apply additonal coats faster. Also, I figured, the cradle wouldn’t reek of freshly applied finish when it went into use. After rubbing on the first coat of oil, I went back inside to clean up my shop.

I live two blocks from the ocean. With the wonderful breezes, also come large birds with accurate aim. Not only did a seagull get my cradle, it successfully unloaded two full shots! Needless to say my wife laughed while I cried. Another day in the shop, and now the cradle is safely drying inside, awaiting our imminent new arrival.