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AW Extra 7/12/12 - See-Through Chisel Holder


See-Through Chisel Holder

Here’s a chisel rack that protects those sharp edges and allows me to see the right chisel for the job at hand.

The rack is easy to customize for any size chisels.Glue a 1-in.-wide strip of 1/2-in.-thick wood across a plywood backer board.Next, arrange your chisels across the 1-in. strip in whatever order you prefer.Add spacer blocks to fit the width of each chisel blade.A third 1/2-in. strip creates the chisel holes.A piece of acrylic screwed to the last strip protects the chisel edges and your hands.

This story originally appeared in American Woodworker January 2004, issue #105.

January 2004, issue #105

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