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AW Extra 8/9/12 - Picture Frames From Scrap


Picture Frames from Scrap

I finally found a great use for all those pieces of scrap wood that pile up around my shop: I make simple picture frames out of them. As you can see there's not much to them. The size shown here is for a 6- x 6-in.-square picture that I printed off my computer, but you can make them any size you want. I rout the groove on my router table using a 1/4-in. straight bit. I add an extra layer of thin cardboard behind the picture and between the acrylic so these pieces fit snugly into the grooves. The parts are simply held together by friction but you can add some hot-melt glue if you want to make it more permanent.

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3Frog wrote re: Picture Frames From Scrap
on 08-15-2009 8:47 AM

I have made a few of these, and put a photo on both sides!  Doubles the photos, you can use!