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Flattening End Grain with a Router


My favorite woodworking projects are clocks—big ones or little ones. If it ticks, I'll make it. My latest venture provided me with the challenge of flattening the face of some log sections that I wanted to make into clocks. Belt sanding was too slow and using a thickness planer is unsafe. In the planer, a log section, which is end grain, can break apart and shoot out at you, with results that are better imagined than experienced. I devised this simple routing jig. I attached a sled to the bottom of my router that rides on the two side rails. If the log section rocks because it is uneven, add a shim until it's steady. When one side is done, flip it over and do the other. I do a final sanding on the surfaces with an orbital sander.

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jterry8112 wrote re: Flattening End Grain with a Router
on 10-03-2009 12:15 AM

I wish I had seen this several weeks ago.  I put a beautiful piece of pink ivory through my planer,  Everything was going well until what was going to be the last pass, the planer caught an edge of the wood and blew apart.  We found pieces 30' away in the street, I only ended up with a bruise.