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Winter 2013-2014

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Quick-Action Miter Saw Stop







I got tired of clamping a block to my miter saw fence every time I wanted to make a stop cut, so I made this adjustable quick-action stop. Unlike a spring clamp, once this baby’s clamped to the saw fence, it stays put!


My stop is based on a locking welding clamp I found at the hardware store for about $24; imported knock-offs cost a lot less (see Source, below). This weird-looking clamp has adjustable jaws and locks just like vise-grip pliers do. 


First, I cut the front tongs from the clamp’s upper jaws. They’re hardened steel, so I used an angle grinder equipped with a cutting wheel. After cutting, I ground the surfaces flat. Then, using my drill press, I drilled holes for the screws. 


For the clamp to work, the stop board must be 3/8 in. taller than the fence, because the clamp’s lower jaws have an offset “sweet spot.” Before mounting the clamp, I notched the stop board’s bottom corners to prevent sawdust buildup.








AiTiger wrote re: Quick-Action Miter Saw Stop
on 03-24-2009 9:22 PM

This is bloody brilliant!