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Clamp-Free Rip Fence


After years of fumbling with clamps, I decided there must be a better way to attach featherboards to my tablesaw's rip fence. Two T-tracks screwed to the fence allow me to mount a piece of plywood with a side-mounted track for attaching featherboards. Now I can set and adjust my featherboards with ease.

Source, (888) 512-9069,
48-in. Mini T-Track, #879, $18.


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al wrote re: Clamp-Free Rip Fence
on 09-16-2009 8:05 PM

that is slick

scottperkins wrote re: Clamp-Free Rip Fence
on 10-06-2009 2:37 PM

Too many of these tips I cannot fully understand

because the photos are insufficient and too small

to see detail.    This seems like a good tip but

I cannot duplicate it without more info.