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Knee-Saving Compressor Drain


Crouching to operate my compressor's drain valve was no big deal until my football-ravaged knees started acting up. To keep from grimacing in the sawdust, I devised a more civilized way to clear the tank. I replaced the drain valve with a 90-degree elbow, a 200-psi-rated reinforced hose and a ball valve. Barb fittings on the elbow and ball valve and clamps on the hose keep everything air tight. I chose a ball valve instead of an air nozzle so no one would mistake my new drain hose for a regular air hose.



G Little wrote re: Knee-Saving Compressor Drain
on 03-30-2009 12:20 AM

Do you have any problems with the water moisture staying in the hose and not draining since it is raised to a level up above the compressor?