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Mobile Machine Caddy


My shop space is so limited-only 12 feet square-that I designed this system to house four machines: belt-disc sander, miter saw station, drill press and planer. Each machine has an accessory storage tray below. With all the machines down I have a clear working surface above. Each machine is wired to a central outlet so it's always ready for use.



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Frank wrote re: Mobile Machine Caddy
on 05-06-2009 1:27 PM

Well, I for one want to know more about the construction of this monster, because monster it would have to be to be able to support all that weight over time.  I'm no expert, but those machines aren't light, are they?  What kind of joinery did he use, what materials, all that jazz?  I'd be excited to learn more about this thing because I'd definitely like something equivalent.