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Rock-Solid Bench Support


The face vise on my workbench didn't hold long boards rigidly enough until I added this adjustable "bench slave." And it only cost about $30.

First I milled a board to attach to the leg, making sure it was thick enough to fit flush with the front edge of the benchtop. Then I cut a dado right down the middle of the board, to house a piece of T-track (slotted aluminum track that accepts T-bolts; see Sources, below). When I installed the T-track, I left a gap at the top for installing and removing the support block.




cyrus wrote re: Rock-Solid Bench Support
on 07-30-2010 10:21 AM

i like it a very inexpense way to go. i will let you know if it works on my work bench.thanks cyrus wilson San Diego,CA