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Handy Blast Gate Lever


Reaching down to open and close my tablesaw's blast gate was a real pain until I built this pivoting mechanical arm from pieces of 1/8-in. flat steel and 3/8-in. rod. It may look cobbled together, but it works great. I drilled holes, fastened the linkages with nuts, bolts and washers and attached the wooden handle. Now the gate operates by a simple push or pull.

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aschaffter wrote re: Handy Blast Gate Lever
on 03-18-2009 2:29 PM

Until I replaced my manual blast gates with homemade, machine triggered, full auto-gates, I ran thin, very stiff, but flexible piano wire in small plastic tubing to operate them.  It worked like brake and gear shift cables on bicycles and only needed to be attached at the start and finish of a run.  It can be bent around corners and be made to easily change direction with no additional linkages or levers.