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Grit-Free Benchtop Weights


I keep a few landscape pavers handy in my workshop to use as hold-downs and weights when clamping is inconvenient. The only problem is that they leave grit behind with every use, and grit and woodworking don't mix. I solved this gritty problem by encasing my pavers in rubberized plastic, the same stuff you dip tool handles in. To knock off all the loose grit and round the sharp corners, I rubbed the pavers together. Then I dipped them into a shop-made box containing a 1/4-in.-deep layer of rubberized plastic. After the plastic dried, I dipped the pavers' other sides. I sealed four pavers with one bottle of rubberized plastic; a 14.5-oz. bottle cost $7 at the home center.


jcdelaney wrote re: Grit-Free Benchtop Weights
on 05-09-2009 3:20 PM

That'll work, but I just wrapped mine with duct tape.  Works quite well, and not nearly as messy - or as expensive - as the Plasti-Dip.

Tannis30 wrote re: Grit-Free Benchtop Weights
on 05-23-2009 9:56 AM

Sounds like a great idea.  I think is would work better and look better than the duct tape.  The duct tape could leave tape adhesive and would eventually roll up along the edges of the tape.  The rubberized plastic would last longer and could easily be cleaned when it gets dirty.      Thank you for the tip.

worleyja wrote re: Grit-Free Benchtop Weights
on 06-28-2009 9:28 AM

Ever try plastic wrap?

Steve Metcalf wrote re: Grit-Free Benchtop Weights
on 11-08-2009 10:40 PM

Interesting, I place steel shot (used for sandblasting) in a box comparable in size to a brick. I taped over the edges inside of the box to avoid leakage, then glued the last flap shut. Works well also but a lot more work than plastic coating bricks......