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Adjustable Board Support



In the good old days, when a woodworker wanted to plane a board’s edge, he’d clamp one end in the bench’s face vise and support the cantilevered end with a free-standing device called a “deadman”. My modernized version mounts in the tail vise. After drilling holes in a 2-in.-thick post, I glued and screwed on a 3/4-in.-thick top. By simply moving the dowel, I can support virtually any board or panel at a comfortable work height. And instead of taking up valuable floor space, my deadman stores compactly until the next use.




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mpisano wrote re: Adjustable Board Support
on 07-11-2009 4:20 PM

I made a free standing adjustable stand that serves the same perpuse as yours . It was not my idea got it from a book or magazine .

kevin-darroch wrote re: Adjustable Board Support
on 09-12-2009 8:29 AM

I have seen this idea before, it works well but the next generation is to use shevling hardware.  The slotted standards and flat metal brackets are the best value for the money.  Mount the standard(s) on your bench then just add the bracket where you need it, you can add blocks to pad the metal or "shim up" the hieght if you like. Multiple standards makes it easily customized to fit your stock, also the standard don't have a real top, this means you can flip a bracket over and use clamps to hold everything rock solid.

As an added bonus this system can be use as temporary shelfs while machining, assembling or finishig muliple parts.