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Garage-Friendly Assembly Tables







Efficient storage is important in my garage shop, so after use, my assembly tables tip, fold, clamp and roll. Each table has one apron-mounted caster ($7 at a home center) and a stabilizer. I used two sheets of 3/4-in. plywood to make the tabletops and aprons and mail-ordered the folding legs. My tables are very stable and only 10-in. wide when clamped together.   





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docholladay0820 wrote re: Garage-Friendly Assembly Tables
on 07-04-2009 10:26 AM

I have seen the idea of using the folding legs to make a work table before, but I really like the use of the casters to make them easier to move around.  One question.  Are the tables hinged together and then make one big table when set up on the legs?  In the top picture, it looks as if they might be.  The idea comes to mind that you could use a couple of door hinges to lock the tables together when needed by simply inserting the hinge pins.  Then simply remove the hinge pins when you need them separately.

dkrempa wrote re: Garage-Friendly Assembly Tables
on 07-11-2009 9:42 AM

how about plans for the tables and where to get the legs?

jvparle wrote re: Garage-Friendly Assembly Tables
on 07-24-2009 10:25 PM

You can purchase folding legs like these either at Lowe's or Home Depot.

lizzard1 wrote re: Garage-Friendly Assembly Tables
on 08-05-2009 11:37 AM

coool! Simple but very effective and usable, great idea.