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Leather Tool Sheaths


Leather Tool Sheaths

By Michael Dromey

When I’m not using my chisels I keep them in a drawer, so I made a set of leather sheaths to protect their sharp ends. I bought the leather and some rivets from a hobby shop and made sheaths for all my chisels in about an hour.

To make your own sheaths, cut leather strips twice the length of the finished sheath, and about 3/4" wider than the chisel’s blade. Fold the leather strip in half lengthwise and punch holes for the rivets with an awl. Split rivets are the simplest to install because all you need is a hammer and a piece of steel—I used the edge of my vise.  






mica wrote re: Leather Tool Sheaths
on 01-18-2010 8:05 PM

This is a great tip I've been looking for a way to protect my chisels foe a while and this is a simple and perfect way to do so.

Thanks for the Tip.