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Plastic Stickers Don't Stain







I use plastic conduit to make stickers for stacking and drying my wood. These stickers provide consistent spacing and excellent air circulation with minimal contact. I’ve never had problems with insects, mold or staining, which can occur around wooden stickers, especially when the wood is green and the air is damp.


For strength, I use 1-1/4-in.-i.d. Schedule-80 rigid PVC electrical conduit. Available from home centers and electrical supply stores, it costs about $12 for a 10-ft. length. Schedule-40 rigid PVC conduit is much less expensive but thinner-walled, so it doesn’t support as much weight. I only use it for small stacks. Both Schedule-40 and Schedule-80 rigid PVC conduit are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


After cutting the conduit to sticker lengths, I cut them in half on my bandsaw, using a simple jig to hold the sticker in position (see photo, above). To keep the conduit from rotating during the cut, I follow a straight line drawn on its surface. To draw the line, I simply lay a flat board next the conduit and use the board as a straightedge.




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scadascada wrote re: Plastic Stickers Don't Stain
on 10-05-2009 12:16 AM

Great Idea! And if you happen to work around job sites where this kind of scrap is generated, you can get it for free! Nobody is going to try to keep short scraps of conduit, so they will be yours for the taking, probably with a smile and a thank you for helping get rid of their junk!