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Double Scrollsaw Blade Life








When my scrollsaw blade gets dull, it’s really only dull on the bottom half, because the wood I cut is usually less than 1/2 in. thick. To get more life out of my blade, I made an auxiliary table that raises the workpiece, so I can cut with the top half of the blade when the bottom half gets dull.


I made the table by screwing together pieces of 3/4-in. melamine and 1/2-in. plywood and edge-banding all four sides. I drilled a 7-16-in. hole in the center for the blade and cut a 1/16-in. slot in from the back so I can slip the table on and off without removing the blade. 


I filed slight chamfers on the top of the hole and slot, so they won’t catch on the workpiece. I also widened the slot at the back, so it easily slips around the blade. Cleats glued on the bottom hold the table securely in place on the saw (see photo, below). 


I’ve discovered that it takes less time to install the table than it takes to change a blade, so in addition to saving a few bucks in scrollsaw blades, my table saves time, too. 








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Bill Grady wrote re: Double Scrollsaw Blade Life
on 10-19-2009 2:05 PM

Fantastic idea.  I always hate changing out a blade that is only half used.  I do use some crown tooth blades that I can just turn over and use some more but, I love your idea for making my other blades last longer.  Some of them aren't the cheapest any more and the cheap ones don't last as long anyway.