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Eliminate Pipe Stains








I learned the hard way that pipe clamps leave ugly black stains during glue-ups wherever they contact wet wood. Those stains are hard to sand out! Fortunately, I’ve discovered an inexpensive solution that keeps all my glue-ups pristine.


For a couple dollars at the home center, I bought a shower-curtain rod cover, which is a 5-ft.-long flexible plastic tube that’s slotted along its length. Coincidentally, it’s the perfect diameter to slip over my 1-in. pipe clamps. I cut the tube into 3-in.-long sections and outfitted all of my clamps. Now before I tighten the clamps, I simply slide the tube sections into position over squeezed-out glue or any other damp spot. 





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Bryan P wrote re: Eliminate Pipe Stains
on 10-21-2009 4:03 PM

Thats a good idea, I lay wax paper out on my pipe clamps and keeps glue away from pipes as well.