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8-ft. Straightedge for $5





Whenever I have to cut down a sheet of plywood I reach for one of my trusty metal stud straightedges. Metal studs are available in different thicknesses for different applications. A 20-gauge non-load-bearing drywall stud (about 50¢/ft.) won't deflect significantly when it's clamped to an 8-ft.-long sheet of plywood. I bought 3-5/8 in. x 9-ft. metal studs at my local drywall supplier (look in the Yellow Pages under drywall). Home centers usually stock lighter 25-gauge studs, but they can special-order the heavier gauge for you (25-gauge studs deflect about 1/8 in. over 8 ft). I trimmed one stud down to 8-ft. 6 in. for ripping and cut the other stud to use for crosscutting.



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cfbrew2 wrote re: 8-ft. Straightedge for $4
on 02-21-2010 7:14 PM

I have used steel studs as a straight edge as well. I like to fasten them to a piece of hardboard and them cut the hardboard with the skill saw so that you will know how to line up the cuts on your marks without having to account for the width of the saw baseplate.