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Easy-to-See 90-Degree Blade Check




Most tablesaw cuts require the blade to be set perfectly at 90 degrees to the table. As a check, I used to crank the blade all the way up and set a square between the table and the protruding portion of the blade. I had a hard time discerning the tiny gap that might appear over the 3 in. of exposed blade.


Happily, I discovered a way to use the full diameter of the blade so what would be a tiny gap across 3 in. of blade, becomes a much larger gap across the full 10-in. dia. With the throat plate removed, I set a combination square down through the table so it bears against the entire surface of the blade. Even if the blade is off by only a fraction of a degree, it’s easy to see.




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whitenite1 wrote re: Easy-to-See 90-Degree Blade Check
on 10-18-2010 9:58 PM

Sometimes, answers are so simple, they are brilliant. I'm one of those woodworkers that raised the blade, without even thinking of an alternative. Thanks for making me open my eyes and also my brain..