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Q & A: Folding Bandsaw Blades


Q & A: Folding Bandsaw Blades


I once saw someone fold a bandsaw blade for easier storage— how was that done?


Folding a bandsaw blade can be a bit intimidating when you first attempt it. Armed with sharp teeth and a spring-like tension, the blade deserves respect. At the same time it’s an easy trick for entertaining your non-woodworking friends!

Be sure to wear leather gloves and eye-protection. Stand behind the open blade with the teeth pointing away from you. With one foot, gently step on the blade just enough to keep it secure to the floor (if your floor is cement, use a piece of plywood to protect the blade). With the palms of your hands facing away from you, grasp the back of the blade at two and ten o’clock. Your thumbs should be pointed away from you (Photo 1). With a firm hold on the blade, roll your wrists inward so your thumbs end up pointing toward each other (Photo 2). At this point you will feel the resistance in the blade give way. Gently push the folding blade toward the floor as you lift your foot off the blade (Photo 3).

It may feel awkward at first but after a few tries you’ll be folding blades with the best of them.

This story originally appeared in American Woodworker August 1999, issue #74.

August 1999, issue #74

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