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Q & A: Which Glue for Bent Lamination?


Q & A: Which Glue for Bent Lamination?


A chair design I’m working on requires bent laminations for the back spindles. I’m using maple and am having a hard time keeping the glue lines from jumping out. Any suggestions?


Because bent laminations are under constant stress, they require glue that sets hard. Epoxy, urea resin, resorcinol and polyurethane are all good choices for bent laminations. Of these four glues, urea resin and resorcinol achieve the most rigid glue line when cured. While resorcinol has a Type I rating (a good choice for outdoor applications) its color is very dark, making it unsuitable for lighter woods like maple. Consider using a urea resin glue by the name of Unibond 800 which comes with a light catalyst specifically designed for blonde woods.

Tip: You can also minimize glue lines by selecting straight-grained stock to cut your laminations from and assembling the laminations in their original order.

This story originally appeared in American Woodworker October 1999, issue #75.

October 1999, issue #75

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