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Q & A: Final Rubout


Q & A: Final Rubout



I always have problems getting a smooth finish. I sand the wood with 220 paper,wipe it with a tack cloth, apply three coats of high-quality varnish, and still get a rough surface! What can I do to get that “professional” look?



You’ve got dust problems, like everybody else. Even if you carefully tack the wood prior to finishing, the air (and you!) are full of small dust particles that settle on your finish right after you’ve laid it down. To get rid of the “nibs,” rub out the last dried coat with a dab of wax and extra-fine steel wool.This will polish the last coat and scrape off the nibs leaving a silky smooth finish.

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Give your work a final rubdown with wax and extra-fine steel wool.

This story originally appeared in American Woodworker October 2000, issue #82.

October 2000, issue #82

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