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Q & A: Dovetail Jig Set-Up


Q & A: Dovetail Jig Set-Up


I’ve fallen in love with my dovetail router jig, but my big frustration is setting the depth of the dovetail bit each time. I’ve tried measuring how much the bit should stick out, but that’s awkward and I spend too much time on trial and error test cuts. Is there an easier way?



Put away your ruler! Next time you cut dovetails, set your bit directly from a gauge on the jig’s mounting board. You’ll need a mounting board that’s about 8-in. longer than the jig.Cut a 1/8-in. deep-rabbet along one edge on the tablesaw, then attach the jig. Set up the jig and adjust the dovetail bit to its proper depth by trial and error.While holding the router base against the edge of the jig’s mounting board, cut a dovetail-shaped groove.

Next time you want to use the jig,simply extend the dovetail bit until it fits perfectly into the dovetail groove.You’re set!

This story originally appeared in American Woodworker December 2000, issue #84.

December 2000, issue #84

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