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Q & A: Why did my dovetail bit break?


Q & A: Why did my dovetail bit break?



I’ve snapped off the tips of my dovetail router bit twice now while cutting sliding dovetails in hard maple. I don’t want to get burned again. What am I doing wrong?



A dovetail bit does indeed have fragile tips.A full cut in hard maple puts a lot of stress on them.Usually you can deepen a router cut with successive passes of the same bit, but the shape of a sliding dovetail doesn’t allow that.

You can relieve most of the stress on the bit’s tips by removing wood from the groove with a straight bit first. Pick a bit that’s slightly smaller than the narrowest part of the dovetail groove. Then rout a groove that’s 1/32-in. or so shallower than the final groove. Now your dovetail bit has very little work to do in finishing up the groove, and both you and your bit will experience less stress!

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Give your dovetail bit a rest. Pre-plow a straight groove to remove most of the wood.

This story originally appeared in American Woodworker February 2001, issue #85.

February 2001, issue #85

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