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Q & A: Sawing Aluminum


Q & A: Sawing Aluminum


Can I cut aluminum with my chop saw?


Yes.Most carbide blades work fine for occasionally cutting aluminum, but we recommend using a special, non-ferrous metal-cutting blade (about $70) if you cut a lot of aluminum or brass. It’s safer to use than a standard blade because the geometry of the teeth makes it less likely to kick back when cutting a soft metal.And it will last longer than a standard blade because the teeth are made of a softer carbide.

No matter which blade you use, feed the saw about one-third slower than you do when cutting wood.Coating the blade with a regular dose of WD-40 (when the saw’s not running) prevents the gullets from clogging.

This story originally appeared in American Woodworker April 2001, issue #86.

April 2001, issue #86

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