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Q & A: Getting Stain Out of Corners


Q & A: Getting Stain Out of Corners


I like using gel stain on difficult to stain woods like birch because it doesn’t leave a blotchy look. But man, the stuff is a pain to get out of corners. No matter how hard I push, I can’t force the rag deep enough into the corner to clean up the excess stain. Got any neat tricks?


It’s no picnic to get any kind of stain out of a corner, and the thick consistency of gel stain makes it especially tough. Here’s our suggestion: Use a dry brush to whisk away the excess gel stain.Unlike a rag, the bristles of the brush are easy to get into corners. Use a rag to wipe excess stain off the brush and to keep it dry. It works great! Be sure to clean the brush after you’re done so it’s ready to come to the rescue the next time you stain yourself into a corner.

This story originally appeared in American Woodworker October 2001, issue #89.

October 2001, issue #89

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