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Portable Shaving Horse


Portable Shaving Horse

Bring your shop to the woods.

In the modern workshop, the tablesaw is the central tool. A few centuries ago, for coopers (barrel makers), bodgers (chairmakers), and carpenters, the shaving horse was indispensable. Woodworkers use them for, among other things, making chair parts with a drawknife and spokeshave.

Often these craftspeople brought their shaving horse into the woods, rather than hauling the heavy, green timber back to their shop.

For today’s woodworker this is less of a necessity, but many find it refreshing to occasionally work in the woods or backyard. Most shaving horses are cumbersome to transport, but this horse knocks down and packs flat, yet it is still rigid enough to perform admirably.

The most notable feature of this shaving horse is that the legs, bridge and yoke fold up into a package small enough to tuck under your arm and store against the wall. The split rail of the main bench is as strong as a solid plank without the added weight, and the seat is both adjustable and removable. The adjustable bridge height and seat position make it a breeze to work on both long and short stock without awkwardness.

You can size the bench to suit your needs, but they are typically 18-in. tall at the seat, and between 5 and 6 ft. long.

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