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Q & A: A Brush for Tight Spots


Q & A: A Brush for Tight Spots



I built a little TV stand for our living room that included a 4-in. space for the DVD player. It seemed like a great idea until I went to varnish the piece. That’s when I realized I couldn’t get a brush in that little space.What should I have done?


Well, this may sound crazy, but when the handle of my brush gets in the way, I get the handle out of the way. That’s right—cut the darn thing off!

Pick a brush you don’t mind sacrificing, and cut the handle off just above the metal ferrule. Screw on a new handle made from scrap wood at a 90- degree angle. A slight S-curve on the handle keeps a low profile on the brush so it can easily fit into the tightest space.

This story originally appeared in American Woodworker October 2001, issue #89.

October 2001, issue #89

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