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Pivoting Outfeed Support


Pivoting Outfeed Support

I recently saw an outfeed stand that had a pivoting top.The pivoting action prevents a workpiece from catching the front edge of the outfeed top. Instead, the top just pivots up level as the workpiece passes over it. I figured I could make something similar that would work just as well.

For the base I used a sawhorse with a concrete block for extra stability. I screwed a couple of stop blocks to the top of the horse to keep the outfeed top from pivoting too far forward or backward. The top is a 3/4-in.-thick by 12- in.-wide by 36-in.-long melamine shelf that I bought at a home center for $6. The 1x4 end brackets are set toward the back of the braces by 1 in. to make the outfeed top tip toward the tablesaw.The brackets are attached to the horse with a screw at each end.When the outfeed top is level, there is a 3/4-in. gap between it and the stop blocks. I trimmed the horse’s legs so the outfeed top is level with my tablesaw.

This story originally appeared in American Woodworker May 2003, issue #100.

May 2003, issue #100

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