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Q & A: How tight does my blade have to be?


How tight does my blade have to be?



I have a heck of a time loosening the arbor nut when I switch blades on my tablesaw. How hard do I really have to crank on that nut when I tighten it?


Don’t knock yourself out tightening that arbor nut! It only has to be snug.

Every saw’s arbor is threaded so the nut will self-tighten. The arbor on a right-tilt saw is a lefthanded thread; on a left-tilt saw it’s a right-handed thread, just like a standard screw or bolt.

For either saw, the force of the blade will tighten, not loosen, the nut as the blade is spinning. It’s highly unlikely the nut will come loose from inadequate tightening, so there’s no reason to crank down on it with a ton of force.

This story originally appeared in American Woodworker September 2002, issue #95.

September 2002, issue #95

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