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AW Extra 12/26/13 - Precision Height Gauge


Precision Height Gauge

To set the height of a router bit—within .001", if necessary— I made this simple stand for my caliper. It works on a router table or a hand-held router.

Two screws with washers secure the caliper. When I need the caliper without the stand, it’s easy to remove. Th e exact position of the caliper on the stand isn’t important; it just has to be plumb.

To use the gauge, set the bit at roughly the height you want. Place the caliper over the bit. Extend the caliper’s depth rod until it touches the top of the bit’s cutting edge, then turn the caliper’s dial face so the zero is right on the needle.

Slide the gauge away from the bit and push the depth rod down to the table’s surface. Th e reading you get is the bit’s height. If the bit’s height is not quite right, adjust the bit and repeat the procedure.


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Highland Woodworking,, 800-241-6748, Woodworker’s 6" Dial Caliper (reads in fractions and thousandths), #465008.

This story originally appeared in American Woodworker April/May 2012, issue #159.