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Q & A: How Can I Avoid Kickback When Resawing on a Tablesaw?


How Can I Avoid Kickback When Resawing on a Tablesaw?



Is there a splitter that can be used for resawing on a tablesaw? Mine is hooked onto the blade guard so it won’t work.


It’s unfortunate but true; you can’t use a conventional splitter for resawing on a tablesaw. But,what you can do is glue a hardwood splitter into a zero-clearance throat plate. Just extend the opening in the top of the plate with a shallow 1/8-in.-wide dado and glue in a wedge of hardwood.The wooden wedge keeps the kerf open so it can’t pinch the blade and cause a kickback.

It’s essential that the splitter be aligned precisely with the saw blade.Here’s how to do it: Lay a zero-clearance throat plate upside down on your saw with the blade extending up through the slot. (Be sure to have another throat plate in the saw.) Set the fence against the edge of the throat plate, lower the blade and make a 3/16-in.-deep cut. Glue the hardwood splitter into the slot. Sand the wedge so it’s a touch thinner than the blade kerf and sharpen the leading edge just a bit.Now you won’t have to sweat the dreaded pinch when you resaw.

This story originally appeared in American Woodworker October 2002, issue #96.

October 2002, issue #96

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