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Q & A: Spray-On Crackle Finish


Spray-On Crackle Finish



Is it possible to get a crackle finish in a pigmented, water-based lacquer that is applied with an HVLP spray gun? If so, please tell me how.


Yes, it can be done. Put down a base color first (the color that will show through the cracks of the finish) and let it dry completely. Now brush on a thick coat of liquid hide glue, cut 50/50 with water. Let it dry for several hours, then spray on your colored- lacquer top coat. The size of the cracks will depend on how heavily you spray the lacquer.The heavier the coat, the bigger the cracks.

This story originally appeared in American Woodworker April 1999, issue #72.

April 1999, issue #72

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