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Q & A: Router Table Miter Joints


Q & A: Router Table Miter Joints



I plan to build some jewelry boxes with mitered corners, but my contractor’s saw does a poor job of cutting miters. Can I use my router table to cut the mitered joints?


A 45-degree chamfer bit mounted in a router table works great for cutting miters. The size of the chamfer bit you’ll need depends on the thickness of the wood you’re cutting. Chamfer bits large enough to cut miters on the ends of 3/4-in.-thick boards are available.

Make multiple passes to complete the miters, either slowly increasing the height of the chamfer bit or slowly moving the router table fence back a little at a time. Use a backerboard to help support the workpiece and eliminate blow-out. Be very precise with your adjustments as you near the full mitered cut. The last setting of the fence or bit height should leave a point on the end of the board without shortening the board’s length.

This story originally appeared in American Woodworker May 2005, issue #114.

May 2005, issue #114

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