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Selma's Desk 2


This Danish Modern desk (see Selma's Desk 1) has a beautifully-constructed top. It's a clever combination of solid teak and teak veneer.

The top has 5-1/2" wide breadboard ends, as shown above. The main portion of the top is composed of bookmatched veneer laid on veneer-core plywood. A 1-1/2" wide piece of solid wood is glued to the front and back of the plywood, so the main portion looks like it's entirely made of solid wood. The grain of the solid wood pieces and the veneer is so skillfully matched that you have to look twice to see the glue line.

Building the main portion of the top from plywood solves a number of problems. First, It minimizes the amount of solid wood necessary to build the desk. Second, it guarantees that the top will remain flat. And third, since plywood won't expand or contract, the breadboard ends may be glued to the main top with a simple butt joint. If the top were solid wood, the joint between the top and breadboard ends would have to be designed in a manner that would accommodate wood movement, since the grain of these pieces runs in opposite directions.

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