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Tom Caspar

  • Shed Doors 2: Big Tenons

    by Tom Caspar     Monday, March 30, 2009
    Last summer, I added a small shed to my old garage. I hung some temporary plywood doors, and built the real doors in the shop here at American Woodworker. Here's a link to the first part of the story: Shed Doors 1. I've mortised the stiles, and...
  • Shed Doors 1: Huge Mortises

    by Tom Caspar     Friday, March 27, 2009
    I built a shed last summer, as a small addition to my turn-of-the-century one-car garage. I've been a woodworker for umpteen years now, but I've never done any carpentry work before. Go figure. I couldn't resist the challenge of building custom...