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Adjustable Square






Carpenters and woodworkers: we both share the same love of good tools, don't we? Here's an exquisitely well-engineered carpenter's rafter square that just might find a home in your cabinetmaking workshop. It's called the “Pivot Square” because the long side of the triangle opens out and pivots from 45 to 90 degrees. The scale reads out in single degrees, and is a lot easier to read than the protractor head that goes on a combination square. There's lots of ways it can be used in a shop, from laying out angled cuts on plywood to setting a tablesaw's miter gauge to tilting a bandsaw's table. Meant for outdoor use, this layout tool is very ruggedly built from solid aluminum alloy. Designed for precise work, its right angle is accurate to within 1/20-degree, and the pivot point has no slop. Just in case you need to build a new shop, it comes with an excellent guide to roof construction and framing.

C. H. Hanson, (800) 827-3398, Pivot Square, $85.