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Curved Scrapers


Sharpening Curved Scrapers

Q. I'm struggling to get a good cutting edge on my concave card scraper. Any tips?

A. Here's the inside scoop on those inside curves. It's a lot easier to get good results if you concentrate on creating a hook on one side only. Here's how it works: Start by creating a slight bevel on the edge (Photo 1).  Then remove the wire edge (Photo 2). Finally, use your burnisher to roll the cutting hook (Photo 3).

File a slight bevel on the curve. With the scraper held in a vise, push a chainsaw file at a slight angle until you feel a continuous wire edge on the high side of the bevel.


Remove the wire edge with
a super-fine diamond paddle. Because you have created a beveled edge, the wire edge will only form on the high side of the bevel.

Use a burnisher to roll the edge and create the cutting hook. Hold the burnisher almost flat and use firm pressure to form the cutting hook. A drop or two of light machine oil helps.



Woodcraft, (800) 225-1153,, Crown Round Scraper Burnisher, #14256, $19
Diamond Homing Stick,  #O8S15, $6. Hardware store, Chainsaw file, $3.



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