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Two-for-One: Impact and Standard Cordless Drills




It's hard to imagine a day in the shop without a cordless drill. You can't beat its convenience. But I'm intrigued by impact drivers, which are hitting the cordless market hard. Impact drivers are overkill for the small screws commonly used in the shop, but their rat-a-tat-tat action makes it easy to drive long deck or lag screws. Although impact drivers are great for driving screws, they're not always the best tool for drilling plain old holes, countersinks or delicate work. In a perfect world, you would have both a cordless drill and an impact driver. Makita brings the perfect world a little closer by offering a cordless drill and impact driver package. I The impact driver is variable speed and very compact, so it is easy to handle. It has a built-in LED light that illuminates the area in front of the chuck. You get a charger and two batteries with the impact driver.Both drills have two speed ranges, a keyless 3/8-in. chuck and a multiposition clutch. 

Makita, (800) 462-5482,, 12-volt impact driver 6980FWDE, 12-volt drill, 6217D, $249, 14.4-volt impact driver 6935FDWDE, 14.4-volt drill, 6237D, $269.


geneguertin wrote re: Two-for-One: Impact and Standard Cordless Drills
on 06-06-2009 7:49 AM

with all the new driver/drills coming out, would be nice to do a side by side comparison of this drill category.  if it has already been done, let me know where it is - did not show up in the site search