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Tool News - Maxi-Cut Forstner Bits and Parabolic Pen-Making Bits


Lee Valley is now carrying two new German-made bits. The Colt Maxi-Cut Forstner bit has two scoring spurs and chip-breaking grooves machined in the cutting bevels. This foresight greatly decreases clogging and increases drilling speed. They're available individually from $23.90 to $39.40 or in a boxed set of five for $109.00 from Lee Valley.


The Colt HSS Parabolic-Flute Drill Bits are specifically designed for cutting quickly and cleaning through the end grain of dense hardwoods, epoxy-stabilized woods and other challenging materials. The bit has a 5-point tip and they're extra long, and they're small diameters are perfect for pen making. They're priced individually from $9.50 to $22.50 and available from Lee Valley.


More information is available here.


(Maxi-Cut Forstner Bits)


(Maxi-Cut Close-up)


(HSS Parabolic-Flute Drill Bit)


(Parabolic-Flute Close-up)



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