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Custom Router Bits



Q. Is it possible to get a custom-made router bit to match an old molding profile?

A. Yes, it is! Andrews Toolworks is one company in the business of making one-of-a-kind carbide bits. Prices range from $155 to $300 for a single bit. So if you only have a few feet of molding to run, there are more economical ways of reproducing old moldings (see “Make Your Own Tablesaw Moldings,” AW #110, October 2004). The cost of the bit is driven more by its diameter than the height or complexity of the profile. Andrews' custom bits are made with high-quality Rc45 Swedish carbide. You can order them with 1/4-in. or 1/2-in. shanks, and with bearings, if needed. Ordering starts with a cost estimate based on a sample or a dimensioned sketch. Next comes a computer drawing of the bit with a final cost. Once you give the go-ahead, expect to wait three to four weeks for delivery of your bit.

Andrews Toolworks Inc. (800) 821-8378,, Custom carbide bits, $155 to $300 ea.