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Tool News - DeWalt Precision Trim Saw Blades


DeWalt has just announced the launch of new precision trim blades for use with miter saws and table saws.  The new precision trim saw blades are designed for high-end trim work including moldings, staircases, cabinets, windows, flooring, hand railings, and additional crosscutting and ripping applications in premium materials. The precision trim line includes 8-1⁄2”, 10” and 12” saw blades, and they're all covered by a limited lifetime warranty. The blades have a thin kerf, laser-cut hardened steel plate, which allows for fast, smooth cutting with minimal material waste.  The laser-cut expansion slots, along with the harmonic slots, both cut into the body of the blade, help dampen vibration, which provides a more accurate finish. The blades are finished with an anti-stick coating and ultra-sharp carbide tips. The blades will be in stores this month.

More information is available here.