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Tool News - Mortise Pal


R.J. Jig Co. has released an updated version of the Mortise Pal mortising jig. New features include increased stock capacity, improved chip extraction and an all-metal clamping knob.

Mortise Pal has been redesigned to accommodate stock up 3” thick making it useful for doing joinery in just about any furniture style. New chip evacuation slots have been incorporated into the design for the efficient elimination of most of the waste generated. The new clamping knob reduces the chance of breakage should it encounter an accidental trip over the side of a workbench.

The improved jig maintains the same functionality of the original version. To accurately locate mortises, make lay out lines marking the center of the mortise and use the jig's centerline indicators for registration. Mortise Pal can easily locate mortises on end-grain, good for doing loose tenon joinery. The jig can accommodate standard 2-1/4hp plunge routers to make mortises up to 2-7/16” long using a 7/16” bit. Simply overlap mortises for longer lengths. For best results, spiral up-cut router bits are recommended.

The jig is sold for $189 and available through the company website at


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