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Winter 2013-2014

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Tool News - Return of the Stanley Sweetheart Plane


Tool News - Return of the Stanley Sweetheart Plane

The line-up of five new Stanley Sweetheart premium hand planes includes a no.4 smoothing bench plane (above), a No. 62 low angle jack plane, a No.92 shoulder/chisel plane, a No. 60-1/2 block plane, and a No. 9-1/2 block plane. Each one touts a host of quality-driven features, which are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. A user-friendly mechanical adjustment opens and closes the mouth quickly and precisely in just seconds (not available on the No. 92 plane). To perform the mouth adjustment, simply loosen the knob, slide the adjuster to the desired setting, and then tighten the knob back to secure it into place.

The new planes also feature a thicker blade, constructed from A2 steel, which is superior to high carbon steel because of its ability to hold a sharper edge for an extended period of time. They feature a heavier, more durable body cast from ductile iron to help reduce chatter and dampen vibration. Additionally, each of the new planes offers a precision-machined base for accuracy and performance. Their solid brass knobs maintain the aesthetics of traditional quality hand planes while also using a softer metal to tighten down on critical steel components such as the blade and/or casting.
More information is available here.

The No. 4 Smoothing Plane

The No. 62 Low-Angle Jack Plane

The No. 60-1/2 Low-Angle Block Plane

The No. 9-1/2 Block Plane

The No. 92 Shoulder/Chisel Plane

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