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Tool News - Makita Plunge-cut Circular Saw and Guide


Makita recently announced the launch of their new 6-1/2” Plunge Circular Saw (model SP6000K).  The saw combines a powerful 12 AMP motor and a large cutting capacity with magnesium components for less weight and electronic speed control to maintain constant speed under load for smooth cutting and a splinter-free mirror finish.  The optional guide rail is constructed with anodized aluminum for smooth, straight cuts.

The saw has a bevel capability of -1° to 48° with positive stops at 22.5° and 45°.  The saw delivers precise cutting, as the position of the blade enters the material on the same cutting line  whether cutting straight or bevel.  In addition, the saw has close-to-wall cutting (11/16”) for expanded cutting applications.  The built-in depth stop allows a preliminary cut of 1/16" to be performed before the entire material is cut through for clean and splinter-free cutting.

The saw includes a range of convenient features, including a large top handle, an electric brake for more productivity, as well as a lock-lever that attaches the saw to the rail system so the saw stays on the rail when positioned for a bevel cut.  The smooth and convenient plunge release lever is designed for operator comfort, and the depth adjustment with large scale is easy to set. More information is available here.

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