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Tool News - Bosch Finish and Trim Nailers


Bosch Power Tools & Accessories made a stir earlier this year when the company entered the pneumatic fastening category and introduced Full Force Technology. This month, finish carpenters, remodelers, woodworkers, cabinet makers and other users will get their first chance to test drive the new product lineup when three Bosch finish nailers and an 18-gauge stapler begin hitting retail shelves nationwide.

Bosch’s finish tools gain an especially narrow nose and slim body thanks to Full Force Technology, a patented, highly efficient air chamber design. This means great line-of-sight and precision in the applications where it matters most. The design also delivers outstanding maneuverability when working in tight spaces, superior balance and ergonomics for all day use and the best power-to-size ratio in the industry.

The new lineup includes an 18-gauge brad nailer, a 15-gauge angled magazine finish nailer, a 16-gauge straight magazine finish nailer and an 18-gauge finish stapler. More information is available here.

(BNS200 18-gauge brad nailer)

(FNA250-15 15-gauge angled magazine finish nailer)


(FNA250-16 16-gauge straight magazine finish nailer)


(STN150-18 18 gauge finish stapler)

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