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Tool News - Rockler Bench Cookies


Rockler Woodworking and Hardware is recently announced the release of the Bench Cookie, a unique non-slip disc that grips and elevates projects, holding them in place — without clamps — for safe and easy routing, sanding, finishing and more.

Four Bench Cookies will keep stock from slipping while being edge routed, sanded, or carved. Without any clamps getting in the way, users save time and can finish the job in one continuous step. As an assembly tool, Bench Cookies provide a stable and protective base to keep parts from shifting. And for easy finishing, they raise boards up so users can fully access every edge.   Bench Cookies draw their holding power from two high-friction rubber pads. One pad grabs the work surface; the other grips the work piece. Together, they make it nearly impossible for the work piece to move from side to side. Sandwiched between these pads, Bench Cookies boast a highly durable acrylic core.

Rockler Bench Cookies come in packs of four and retail for $11.99.

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