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Tool News - Rockler Fluting Jig


Rockler Woodworking and Hardware recently introduced the Rockler Fluting Jig, an economical jig designed to simplify setup and help users create beautiful fluted columns, molding and furniture parts.

A classic indicator of quality craftsmanship, precise flutes add character and style to a wide range of projects — unfortunately, they can be complicated to prep for and tricky to machine. Rockler’s new jig solves both problems.

With a sliding router plate and unique indexing system, the Fluting Jig makes setup a breeze. Users simply attach their router (the jig comes pre-drilled for most routers), adjust the jig’s underside rails to straddle the work piece and begin marking their flutes’ centerpoints on the erasable yellow pad. The edge of the marking pad lines up with the edge of the work piece so users can easily gauge the first flute’s position.

Once all flutes have been marked, the jig also helps speed up the cutting process. Since the zero-mark on the router plate’s scale aligns with the center of the router bit, users can simply line up the scale with their mark, lock the plate and make the first cut. The MDF platform glides along the length of the work piece, while the underside rails run tight against its edges. All parts that come in contact with the work piece are low-friction, ensuring smooth and stable operation. Successive cuts simply require sliding the router plate to the next flute mark.

The Rockler fluting jig system accommodates stock up to 8" wide and retails for $69.99.

More information is available here.