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Tool News - Rockler Taper Jig


Rockler Woodworking and Hardware recently introduced the Taper/Straight Line Jig, a new dual-purpose jig for tapered cuts and straight line ripping. It sets up quickly and secures work pieces for safe angled cuts and easy rough lumber squaring.

Most taper jigs require awkward, often dangerous, two-handed pressure to keep the work piece from drifting during the cut. The Rockler jig’s unique design addresses this common problem — and more.

Cutting tapers or straight lining stock utilizes the jig’s built-in clamps to hold the work piece. With their work secure, users can make almost any cut with both hands safely away from the blade. And since the user is now pushing the jig
instead of the board, the motion is parallel to the fence and the blade for a more natural and comfortable feel. Anyone who has ever wrestled with a traditional taper jig knows how difficult it can be to keep the board moving through the cut.

Rockler’s Taper/Straight Line Jig (item #21597) retails for $69.99. More information is available here.